As "Every mouthful is meaningful", then every mouthful bite of CP’s food will be able to meaningfully change your lifestyles. We all shall witness that one meaningful bite is able to convey the inspiration to one another and to the others, endlessly. The expansion of a mouthful bite from a small family may emerge its impact to others at large.
The extent of "Every Mouthful is meaningful" concept has become our quality standards of CP food production. We ensure our chicken are raised without using hormone growth promoters, pork products are produced from pigs raised without Beta-Agonist or any feed additive to promote leanness and our fresh chicken eggs are labeled as non-antibiotics. We also implement the high standards to the processed meat productions as to guarantee the quality of each mouthful bite. We are thrilled to express the meaningful stories of our food through the inspirational stories of a mother who cooks a meaningful meal to delight her daughter whilst another story represents a dream fulfillment between friends.